#Striving On Wheels - An ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company


Fast Transport & Cargo provides mainly service by mode of :
1) Export & Import Transportation
2) Train
3) Surface
4) Air

  • FTL Transportation for Andheri & JNPT [Import / Export Shipments] for Pune-Mumbai-Pune.
  • Part Load Transportation for Andheri [Import/Export Shipments] for Pune-Mumbai-Pune.
  • Container 20’ & 40’ Feet & ODA Cargo/Exhibition Project Cargo Handling.
  • 20 Feet Side Open Trucks & Closed body Trucks.
  • 24x7 is a value addition which we at Fast Transport & Cargo provide our Customers for pickup’s and deliveries.
  • Cost Optimization Services.
  • Flexible Pick up and Delivery Timings.
  • Domestic & International, Door Pick up & Door Delivery.
  • Commitment to successfully meet the challenges.
  • Personal attention and handling of the shipments with utmost care and safety is our main concern.
  • Better Transit Times as we have better connections. Therefore deadlines are easier to meet.
  • 3PL, Courier & Parcel service, Express Cargo
  • Freight forwarding, FTL, PTL, Government Contracts
  • Industrial Packaging, Logistical solutions, Material Handling,
  • Supply Chain Management solutions, Warehouse management,
  • Warehousing & Storage Facilities